Victoria Secret Perfume – Five of the Best

Victoria’s Secret is the well-known women’s wear and beauty products retailer, and it boasts its own extensive range of fragrances. Many people omit the apostrophe s, and refer to the product as Victoria Secret perfume, but there are certainly no omissions of style or classiness in this very affordable selection. There are well over a dozen different scents to choose from, and some of the best perfumes amongst them are American bestsellers and perfumery prize-winners. As you might expect when confronted with such choice, each one has a different character, drawing its theme from the various perfume families, and here is my ‘Top Five’ list.

Dream Angels Heavenly – Vanilla Oriental


An American bestseller, this faintly floral scent is a big hit, delivering an almost fruity aroma, gradually developing into a more smooth and creamy blend of white peony underlined with sandalwood and vanilla. Perfect for everyday use because of its light and subtle aroma, with perhaps just a hint of sensuality hiding underneath.

Vanilla Oriental

Top Notes: cardamom, quince
Heart: peony, freesia, iris
Drydown: musk, vanilla, orchid

Very Sexy – Floral Oriental


A raunchier little number, Victoria Secret perfumes put Very Sexy in the floral oriental category, but with the pepperiness of the top note, it could easily be described as spicy oriental. The spice is softened by clementine, leading to vanilla orchid and developing into an irresistible blackberry finish, combined with musk. This one is intensely rich and longlasting, and may just draw in a few admirers!

Floral Oriental

Top Notes: pepper, clementine, coffee
Heart: vanilla orchid, camellia
Drydown: musk, woods, blackberry

Pink – Green Floral


Pink is a fun and flirty perfume which is fresh, floral and fruity in character. It begins with a waft of green and violet leaves combined with juniper berry, which gradually develops into the floral notes of peony and lily of the valley, all enriched by the warm sandalwood, musk and vanilla base notes. A really lovely, playful and sexy scent.

Green Floral

Top Notes: mandarin orange, bergamot, juniper berries
Heart: peony, freesia, lily-of-the-valley
Drydown: vetiver, vanilla

Body by Victoria – Woody Musky Floral


The Fragrance from this modern range is bold but fresh, and subtle rather than being heavy, so it’s the type of scent that can be worn everyday at work without overpowering everyone. It is a very popular perfume, with woody and floral notes, stemming from the initial burst of crushed leaves and freesia, deepening into water hyacinth and warm sandalwood. Body by Victoria has recently had a makeover, with bold and sensual new packaging.

Woody Musky Floral

Top Notes: freesia, mimose
Heart: cucumber, peony, lily
Drydown: white musk, sandalwood

Rapture – Vanilla Oriental


To quote Victoria’s Secret, “Beyond love, there is Rapture.” This is a complex and sophisticated perfume – a true classic – exuding a deep vanilla, musk and amber after the subtly floral Bulgarian rose and jasmine. The initial note is one of citrus, which quickly blends with the deeper notes to product an intoxicating scent guaranteed to cause a stir!

Vanilla Oriental

Top Notes: orange blossom
Heart: jasmine, freesia
Drydown: amber, vanilla, heliotrope, musk

This one is something of a rarity these days, as it has been discontinued.

These are just some of the most popular perfumes produced by Victoria’s Secret, and there are several others I could have highlighted. For example, the Dream Angels range includes Divine and Desire, and there is the Sexy Little Things collection and many more. If you are not entirely sure about any of my top five list, or you’d like to test a few of them out without committing to a bottle straight away, the Victoria Secret Perfume Gift Set is the perfect solution. And it’s an ideal gift for Christmas or birthdays, containing small 0.09oz tester bottles of 12 of these wonderful fragrances. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy them all, as each one reflects your different moods, but you’ll also get the chance to find your favorite before investing in a more substantial bottle.